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Reverse Engineering

Phoenix Manufacturing uses 3D scanning for reverse engineering to directly create 3D design CAD models from physical objects.

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3D Scanning

Enables you to quickly capture accurate data for use in any manufacturing process. Phoenix manufacturing services utilizes the newest technology.

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2D-3D CAD Services

Save money and time by outsourcing all your 2D and 3D CAD work to Phoenix manufacturing systems.

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Automation Systems

An array of automation systems including: PLC Systems, HMI Panels, IIOT Systems, Controllers, Sensors, Conveyors and Feeder Systems.

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Manufacturing Equipment

We source and supply: Riveting Machines, Air Over Hydraulic Presses, Rotary Indexing Tables, Leak and Pressure Testers, Pneumatic Cylinders, Greasing Machines and Air Boosters.

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Lean Manufacturing Consulting

We have successfully helped manufacturers adapt lean manufacturing to the job shop. Our focusing on practicality.

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First Article Inspection Reports

Phoenix Manufacturing Systems offers a variety of first article inspection services: Accurate and Complete, Simple or Complex, Customized Formats and Simplified Reports.

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Failure Analysis Investigations

We provide failure analysis consulting to help our clients to unravel causes of any failure and what actually happened

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Six Sigma Services

Our Quality Six Sigma services aid manufacturers in achieving operational speed and quality, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Metallurgical Consulting

Our metallurgical consulting services will help you determine the weaknesses and structure of your materials.It will provides valuable information when working with metals.

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HSE Compliance

Phoenix Manufacturing Systems offers a comprehensive scope of technical, strategic and management solutions for HSE Compliance.

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Products Sourcing

Sourcing products from low cost markets reduces production costs leading to more profitability. We source for products from China and India.

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