Phoenix Manufacturing Systems offers a comprehensive scope of technical, strategic and management solutions for Health Safety and EnvironmentalH (SE) Compliance. HSE Compliance Services include assessment, compliance, risk management, reporting, training, and communication. We partner with our customers to realize their health, safety and environmental short-term and long-term goals.

Management System Integration

Phoenix Manufacturing Systems assists our customers with OHSAS 18001, ANSI Z10, VPP, or their own custom system. Additionally, we help them with development, application or integration of other internal systems such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001. We will help you carry out an initial gap analysis and come up with an implementation game plan.

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control

Our company is specialized in risk evaluation, hazard identification and control. We go beyond identifying and assessing your risks, to bringing them under control. Phoenix Manufacturing Systems will help you identify unseen risks, evaluate the risks, develop or implement your hazard control programs. We ensure that risks are controlled effectively.

Leading Indicator Establishment

For most companies transferring safety performance evaluation from injury statistics to injury prevention is both challenging and a sensitive undertaking. We help our customers’ transition from measuring incidents to measuring the safety of their working environment.

Compliance and Site Auditing

An important component of every safety program is complying with legal and other regulations. We help our customers in identifying compliance risks and eliminating violations.

Health & Safety Program Improvement

If you have a Health and Safety program in place, it’s time to take it to the next level. Phoenix Manufacturing Systems helps customers identify areas that need improvement. We develop and implement better, new solutions to improve the current safety measures and programs.

Customized Training

The most important component in preventing risks from becoming injuries is training. Phoenix Manufacturing Systems helps in reviewing training matrixes, designing and developing the most effective training programs. Each workforce has different safety training needs.

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