IIOT systems (Industrial Internet of Things) are rapidly changing the manufacturing business environment. There is unprecedented need for improved connectivity and access to important data delivered by factory machines.

Phoenix Manufacturing assists manufacturers to implement connected factories to enjoy the benefits of IIOT. Access to valuable machine data helps manufacturers become competitive and reduce production costs. We use IOT platforms that offer a complete set of standard functionalities that can be utilized to develop IIoT applications.

At Phoenix Manufacturing Systems IIoT implementation starts with smart, connected devices. Practically speaking, this means acquiring machines and devices with onboard intelligence and interconnection ability or improving existing machines by adding such capabilities.

There are several technologies that can be used to quickly deploy IIoT within the factory. Using the following technologies manufacturers can make existing devices and assets intelligent. As such they will quickly reap the benefits of IIoT without overhauling the current setup or doing a full scale IIoT deployment. Such technologies include:

  • Intelligent or Smart Sensors
  • Embeddable Computers Smart Gateways
  • Industrial PC’s
  • Smart Machines
  • Wearable Devices
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Complete deployment of IIOT in the plant requires the implementation of a single system architecture based on open and industry standard networking technologies like Ethernet. Such an architecture is essential in building a flexible, and efficient manufacturing environment.

Implementing a single system architecture that conforms to Cisco and Rockwell Automation Reference Architecture for Manufacturing, requires careful consideration of the components specifications, physical network infrastructure, installation procedure, testing, and documentation. Solid project planning is needed to guarantee the development of a high performing and robust physical network infrastructure.

The physical network infrastructure facilitates the deployment of an IIoT system that consistently performs for a long time despite the manufacturing environment challenges, and that can handle multiple system reconfiguration or addition of new devices over time.

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