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Value partner for manufacturing. Your “Non-Core” is our core.


Shrinking profit margins for manufacturing companies in the US have been and will continue to be a major challenge. To overcome this trend they have to analyze the drivers to these reduced margins on P&L statements and minimize or eliminate them. However the resources needed for that effort not only take away from the day-to-day running of manufacturing operations but also adds further pressure to the already slim profit margins.

Phoenix Manufacturing Systems, LLC, has and continues to build a network of highly skilled partner companies who are specialized in niche aspects of manufacturing systems. We use our extensive experience in manufacturing to co-ordinate these resources for our customers to come up with a comprehensive answer to improve their bottom line margins. Through this network we have many vital areas of manufacturing systems covered.

Our work is done with minimal investment of the customer’s time or resources. Customers don’t have to approach and vet multiple suppliers who have their own vested interests, namely sale of their own products. Phoenix Manufacturing Systems manages and controls these diverse interests by ensuring that customer’s underlying needs are always in focus and that the derived solution is practical, cost effective and above all, in the best interest of the customer.

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