Our PLC controlled systems offer a wide range of solutions for small, medium and high-end applications. The systems are scalable, multi-faceted and information-enabled through the use of programmable automation controllers.

Phoenix manufacturing sources and supplies different controller types and sizes to suit the needs of the client. The control systems can be classified as Large, Small and Micro and Nano.

Large PLC Systems

Phoenix Manufacturing implements large PLC systems that are needed in most demanding applications. The systems provide modular architectures and an array of network and Input-Output (I/O) options. These effective solutions provide world-class capabilities from process to safety. The large PLC systems are mostly created for distributed control applications. Phoenix Manufacturing Systems utilizes programmable automation controllers (PACs) that offer outstanding reliability and performance.

Small PLC Systems

They provide the complete solution for mid-range applications. We use small programmable automation controllers that provide the features and flexibility needed in medium applications elimination the overhead of larger systems. Classic medium applications include batch processing, manufacturing automation, and complex machine control.

Nano and Micro PLC Systems

These PLC systems provide inexpensive solutions to simple control needs for basic machines. The solutions vary from basic control logic and timing to relay replacement. Nano and Micro controllers are mostly used in applications such as security systems, parking lighting and conveyor systems, because of their integrated input-output (I/O), communication and compact packaging.

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