Phoenix Manufacturing uses 3D scanning for reverse engineering to directly create 3D design CAD models from physical objects. Using the reverse engineering process, Phoenix manufacturing extracts the digital shape of the physical parts with deficient design documentation or that need CAD data for modern manufacturing methods.

Phoenix Manufacturing offers mechanical design support services for reverse engineering to determine original design intent, convert design information to CAD drafting and 3D models for legacy parts, and create alternate design ideas from current designs.

We automatically generate 3D CAD models from point clouds. This significantly simplifies the process of planning and preparing for actual operations. As such, it saves time and work required to obtain CAD data of existing structures by replacing physical dimensions with 3D dimensions (measurements) on a computer.

We have a wealth of experience in offering reverse engineering services to diverse manufacturers. We are experts in 3D CAD modelling and 2D drafting using any popular CAD software platform of choice. Phoenix Manufacturing output’s 2D CAD drawings for build.


  • Converting 3D scanned point cloud data to 3D CAD model
  • 3D scanning of parts
  • Output of 2D CAD drawings for build
  • Optimizing design of existing products through reverse engineering
  • Developing design information for parts with outdated design data
  • Checking design operability

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