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Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

If one were to take a look at the PMBOK Project Management Process Group and Knowledge Area Map one would quickly notice that of the forty-seven project management processes defined by the Project Management Institute, a little more than half (twenty-four to be exact) fall into the planning group.  Planning is no doubt the most important phase of any project an organization may undertake.

Proper planning helps to ensure business objectives are met, stakeholders are satisfied, and that the right product is delivered at the right time.  A lack of planning at the start of a project can mean missed deadlines, cost overruns, rework, uncontrolled expansion of a project and unsatisfied stakeholders. 

Of paramount importance in this initial planning phase of any automation project, is the creation and agreement by all parties on the project and product scope.  PMI defines the product scope as the features and functions that characterize the product, whereas the project scope is the work performed to deliver that product.  In short - what is in, what is out, and who will do it?

Phoenix Manufacturing takes great care in defining proper product and project scope in the beginning stages of a project to ensure overall project success and satisfied customers at the end.  In addition to carefully defining the process description and operational flow of a machine, we also look at and define loading/unloading methods, and the following requirements – cycle time, operational, power, safety, dimensional, runoff, and others.

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