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Air Over Hydraulic Presses
Air Over Hydraulic Presses

Phoenix Manufacturing Systems has extensive experience with air over hydraulic (air over oil) systems and has a track record of supplying US companies with reliable systems. Air over hydraulic systems combine the advantages of efficient, low cost pneumatics and the large output forces associated with hydraulics. The systems operate on a compressed air pressure of 72 psi (5 bar),thus eliminating the use of expensive hydraulic power pack and associated control equipment.

Savings: Air over hydraulic (air over oil) cylinders save 30 -60% in energy costs, compared to mechanical and hydraulic presses. If an application is using a hydraulic or pneumatic press for loads of up 50 MT, then substituting with an air over hydraulic press is an easy decision. Payback is usually within a year or two and from then on out energy savings are achieved with every stroke. Air over hydraulic (air over oil) systems cost substantially less than comparable hydraulic presses and cylinders.
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